Lovetuner Accepts an Act of Kindness as Currency

Lovetuner CEO & Co-Founder, Sigmar Berg, is partnering with other inspirational leaders in the mindfulness community.
His collaboration with Nipun Mehta, Founder of Service Space, an incubator of projects that support a gift culture and the “Unsung Hero of Compassion as the Dalai Lama called Nipun, is all about spreading the perpetual resource of Love – the more you give the more you receive.
“We need to move from consumption to contribution, from transaction to trust, from isolation to community, and from scarcity to abundance,” says Nipun Mehta.
This inspired Sigmar to start accepting an “Act of Kindness” as a currency on the Lovetuner Website.
As Lovetuner is not only a product but started as a mission to help create a more peaceful, sustainable, happier & healthier world, we accept an act of kindness as a currency. Whatever your act of kindness in your community looks like and aligns with our guide lines we are happy to accept this as a currency to pay for your Lovetuner.