Lovetuner Foundation

The Lovetuner Foundation is a registered 501 c non-profit organization that empowers individuals and communities to heal through breathing, frequency, and vibration. Our goal is to expand the healing benefits of the Lovetuner by extending and integrating this practice into all communities.

Our areas of focus are:

  • Lovetuner mindfulness practice within the education system. Our goal is to create a healthier and happier next generation, increasing focus, mindfulness, awareness, and team building. Out program does not only focus on students but also provides relief to the educators
  • Assist in the relief of PTSD and suicide prevention within the Veterans community through Lovetuner healing, breathing, and meditation.
  • Lovetuner mindfulness and sound healing retreats for underprivileged children. The retreat will center around mindfulness activities aimed at overcoming trauma, building unity, and promoting healing.